Welcome to Catalina Lodge Mozambique. We are a family owned lodge, and although we ourselves are based in Bergen, Norway, we like to keep a hands on approach to the operations of this wonderful lodge on Mozambiques exquisite coastline. With a fabulous team on site, and air travel making the world smaller and smaller, we have been able to dedicate a large amount of time and effort over almost a decade, towards this project, as we strive to make this lodge a benchmark along this part of coastline.

An essential synergy between our families (The Taylors and Anonsens) and the incredible staff on site, part of the Daghatane Beach Estate, ensure Catalina, and you our guest, are well looked after all the year round.

On site, Lynn Polson, the estate manageress, is on hand to assist our guests during their stay with us. Lynn manages the entire estate, and is based locally, giving our guests a warm and helpful welcome with loads of knowledge about what to do locally, where to shop, where to buy the best prawn curry and much much more.

Rich Madati, our estate maintenance manager, with his ever gracious smile, is on hand to assist with everything from your arrival and departure arrangements so helping out if they power goes down, or you run out of gas.

We are then fortunate to have a wonderful team that are full time at our lodge. Isabel Cumbi and Timothy have been with us for years. When you walk into the lodge and it is looking spick and span, all the rooms in superb shape, and fresh and clean, it is Issy and Timmy that have made this happen. They will be around during your stay, ensuring that you are well looked after and the lodge remains serviced at the highest of standards.